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Update for Patients:

We will be open as usual with the following precautions:

1) We do not want to crowd the office. Anything people touch will be sanitized after contact -- hand rest, tables etc. Call for appointments (770) 487-1228 We are limited to three patients at one given time, so no walk-ins and please be on time for scheduled appointments.
2) Each patient is to use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the office. We will pump it to your hands to avoid cross contamination of the sanitizer bottle.
3) No sign-in sheets to avoid cross contamination of pens.
4) Bathroom toilets and hand contact points will be sanitized after each use.
5) Patients who feel any respiratory illness, extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing / shortness of breath, coughing will not be admitted for chiropractic care.
6) Massage therapy will be halted after 3/21/2020 until the crisis blows over
7) Patients asked to wear long sleeve clothing and expose as little skin as possible.
8) Patients receiving manipulation under anesthesia, stem cell injections, and epidural injections at South Atlanta MUA center in Forest Park will still be a GO.
9) I love you all, but no handshaking or hugs
10) We encourage you not to bring your children to appointments.
We can keep everyone safe because it is a small office that we can control.
We encourage everyone to use this time off to take care of their health through good diet, get out and walk, and receive chiropractic care.

Yours in good health,

Dr. John Giovanelli

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